About the organisation

Leif Mutén Society was founded in 1998 in Latvia and was named in honor of Leif Mutén, a former rector at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. The organization's aims are to promote higher education in Latvia and to support financially the best performing students.

Leif Mutén Society is a registered public benefit organization (sabiedriskā labuma organizācija) and it cooperates with donators in establishing and awarding scholarships and research support, as well as supporting student events. The board also considers fundraising initiatives and proposals for all kinds of projects as long as they fulfill the mission of promoting education. Leif Mutén Society welcomes fund-raising suggestions for merit scholarships and funds for research and seminar/conference attendance.

Initiatives that can be suspected of tax evasion or are aimed to support a certain individual without objective criteria, or not promoting education will not be considered. Donator companies that are registered in Latvia are entitled to a corporate tax reduction amounting to 85% of the donation sum.

Long-lasting partners